Case Studies // Red Toolbox

The Challenge

To create a new concept in the world of DIY: carpentry kits and tools specially designed for children, aged 8 and up. These safe tools are uniquely designed to fit a child’s grip, accompanied by a wide variety of woodworking projects.
Children and parents have a chance to work and have fun together, as parents offer their guidance and support. The challenge was to define a brand identity that expresses the functional value as well as the emotional promise that makes this brand so special.

The Result

Red Toolbox became an award winning brand, achieving global recognition and success in numerous countries worldwide. Soon after its launch, the brand received the Amazon Retailer’s Choice Award for 2009.

Graphic Design: BLEND-IT


My Work

I defined a strategy based on an emotional essence of shared parent-child time surrounding positive experiences of building and creating. The name, “Red Toolbox“, conveys a common nostalgic sense of childhood for global target audiences, while the slogan, “Quality Time in a Box” expresses the brand’s unique promise.