Case Studies // Drimia

The Challenge

In recent years, the Israeli wine sector has shown rapid growth, with numerous boutique wineries offering high quality wines for both the local consumer as well as interational wine drinkers. “Shokek” was a young winery, established and managed by a local entrepreneur. The brand’s wines had achieved initial success in Israel, but was far from reaching its potential in terms of brand awareness and commercial success. The goal of this project was to rebrand the winery, giving it a new name and unique identity on which to build the brand’s identity locally and across the globe.

The Result

Shortly after the launch of the new brand identity, Drimia already achieved amazing success, receiving gold and silver medals at Terravino (2016, 2017) and at the “Golden Cluster” competition. Drimia wines have already made their international debut, and is currently marketed at various retail locations in the USA.


My Work

After visiting the winery and gaining an insider’s view of the people and passion that make this winery so special,  I defined the brand’s values, essence and stories as well as its name, “Drimia“, the botanical name for a local fragrant flower that blooms in early spring, symbolizing growth and new beginnings. The brand’s superior series of wines received the Hebrew name, “Sfar” (edge, rim), to refelct the winery’s location at a unique meetingpoint of local climates and geographic areas. Working with the team throughout the design process, the story I wrote is featured on the label of the wine bottles, expressing the relationships between people and land, the earth and the sky – which are the heart and soul of this brand: with deep roots, and always aiming high.

Graphic Design: KROLL DESIGN | Photography: YA STUDIO