Case Studies // evo

The Challenge

With the growing demand for medical aesthetics solutions, there has been a significant increase in products, services and clinics offered. However, a lack of consistency in terms of quality, results and customer service, along with price-oriented communications has led to an overall sense of downgrading within the category. My clients were interested in creating an upscale, technologically advanced and customer-centric clinic, integrating a medically-supported approach to aesthteics, and establishing a new culture within this segment.


My Work

Inspired by the impeccable work ethics of my clients, and their Eureopean background, I defined a brand identity that would express what makes this clinic unique both in terms of what is offered and how things are done. Basing aesthetic decisions on physician’s directions positions the clinic as a professional authority that places customer wellness and real results at the forefront. The brand promise and ethos, “The Aesthetics Code” became the brand’s tagline, with the name “Evo” reflecting a genuine, evolutionary philosophy.

Graphic Design: ASWE DESIGN